About Us

At DDR Communications, the process starts by assembling a team of highly-talented individuals from across the spectrum of marketing disciplines. Using their experience to evaluate the best fit of individuals for each customer’s needs, they assemble a tailor-made team to deliver the highest quality results. These experts in data mining, analysis, information management, intelligence gathering and lead management take pride in working as an extension of your business development segment.

Donna Ritson

For 30 years, DDR Communications has been an industry leader, providing flexible solutions designed for each customer’s unique needs. Our clients have come from every corner of the B2B industry to take advantage of the breadth of services we offer and the unmatched depth of experience we bring to bear.

Donna Ritson, Principal, is a Certified Business Communicator who has spent 40 years focusing on marketing and communications. Her career has concentrated on the idea that a strategic marketing plan must begin with the most accurate and timely information. DDR Communications has spoken with over 350,000 companies to keep their finger on the pulse of the ever-changing marketplace.